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How to read excel file using c#

Today I am going to show you how read excel file using c# and create folders based on excel file. Sometimes we may want to create many folders/sub folders based on business requirement and copy files into respective directory. So I am going to show how to do this using c# .net language. For this project i… Continue reading How to read excel file using c#

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What is jsPlumb

jsPlumb is a data visualization library available for most popular JavaScript libraries like jQuery, MooTools,Vanilla JS, YUI3. There are lot of features available on jsPlumb and has lots of examples over internet and they have a good documentation. jsPlumb provides a means for a developer to visually connect elements on their web pages. It uses SVG or… Continue reading What is jsPlumb

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Develop high quality software using NDepend

I just tried this tool and it looks pretty powerful, I still have to dig further in it.It has lots of features like Code Rule and Code Query over LINQ (CQLinq) Trend Monitoring Harness Test Coverage Data Code Quality, 82 Code Metrics Explore Existing Architecture Detect Dependency Cycles Compare Builds and Code Diff Compare Builds… Continue reading Develop high quality software using NDepend