How to set JTable Titile with Sinhala Unicode value

This is regarding request of chathura and today i am going to add Unicode based title to JTable. First create a new project using NetBeans and add a new form to project. Then add a new table to JFrame and edit the default table headers with Unicode values.

RC on JTable -> Properties -> Go to Model -> and add your new table headers to there.

Add a new Class called MyFont and i use that class to set fonts to my application

Go to your Main method and add this code inside main method.

MyFont.setUIFont(new javax.swing.plaf.FontUIResource("Iskoola pota",Font.PLAIN,18));

Compile and Run your project and see the output.

To Download the full NetBeans Project click on the below button


How to add uniocde to JOptionPane.showInputDialog in java – Uniocde example

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In this example i will show create Unicode based Input dialog to your application.In here you can see lot of information’s about Unicode based java applications.First of all i had to define Unicode font for my input dialog.Because when i type Sinhala text in my text box which i used to get name from user it showed me only boxes.But after i set default font my application it has solved.See the code

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Simple date picker for Java Applications – ( Best Java UI Development )

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In this application you can learn how to add a simple date picker for your java swing application.I wanted this for one of my project and i enhanced GUI by using look and feel theme and some images.I believe that you will like to this simple but attractive implementation.You can add this functionality for your application and thank for Rose India web site for develop this class.

I created this application by using Netbeans IDE 6.9 and you can open this project after download from below link and customize it with your requirements.


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