how to add sinhala to java GUI

Hi.. i think every programmer must aware about there own Unicode formats and how to add Unicode to their own program.I am going to say you how to enable java GUI with Sinhala Unicode values.

I am using Netbeans IDE and Java Development Kit 1.7 for develop Java programs.

Create a new form using Netbeans and add a Button from Swing containers. Then go to font item change it in to Iskoola pota. I used that Unicode font in my Program. See the image below

Then add a text to button as Unicode ( Sinahala ) format. You just copy the words from else where and paste it it text field. You will see something like \u0d86\u0dba values such as above my picture. Don’t worry in run time it will look like  as below picture.

Now you must be happy.

To view in Sinhala you must install the Sinhala Unicode for your computer. Other wise you will see some boxes in your button.

OK now you have done a Unicode based Java application using Java.