How to set JTable Titile with Sinhala Unicode value

This is regarding request of chathura and today i am going to add Unicode based title to JTable. First create a new project using NetBeans and add a new form to project. Then add a new table to JFrame and edit the default table headers with Unicode values.

RC on JTable -> Properties -> Go to Model -> and add your new table headers to there.

Add a new Class called MyFont and i use that class to set fonts to my application

Go to your Main method and add this code inside main method.

MyFont.setUIFont(new javax.swing.plaf.FontUIResource("Iskoola pota",Font.PLAIN,18));

Compile and Run your project and see the output.

To Download the full NetBeans Project click on the below button


How to add uniocde to JOptionPane.showInputDialog in java – Uniocde example

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In this example i will show create Unicode based Input dialog to your application.In here you can see lot of information’s about Unicode based java applications.First of all i had to define Unicode font for my input dialog.Because when i type Sinhala text in my text box which i used to get name from user it showed me only boxes.But after i set default font my application it has solved.See the code

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